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Sixense Enterprises Inc. is a leading developer of immersive computing solutions for products across industries, including healthcare, training, and education. Our team leverages years of experience in virtual and augmented reality to create products that improve lives.


Amir Rubin


Amir Rubin is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building companies in the field of immersive computing. Amir is the co-founder and CEO of Sixense Enterprises Inc., a leading developer of VR and AR solutions for companies across industries, including healthcare, training, and entertainment. Prior to Sixense, Amir focused on products that deliver powerful new ways for organizations to engage, teach and train their customers and employees.

Joel Breton

President, Sixense Studios

Joel Breton is a pioneer of virtual reality content development and an award-winning video game developer. He has produced and developed more than twenty platinum-selling games, including Duke Nukem, Unreal, Terraria, & Payday 2. Joel was formerly the Vice President of global virtual reality content and General Manager of Vive Studios at HTC. While at HTC, he and his team partnered with worldwide content creators to develop and publish showcase content across all categories of VR, including Ready Player One: Oasis Beta, Knockout League, MakeVR Pro, TrueScale, Amazon Odyssey, Jam Studio VR, 7 Miracles, Operation Apex, Skyworld Kingdom Brawl, Arcade Saga,&Virtual Sports. He then led Vive Studio’s pioneering enterprise software initiative to develop and deploy immersive software solutions for global partnerships in the healthcare, entertainment, education and design industries. Joel spent four years at MTV Networks, where he served as Director of Content and worked with developers around the world to launch online, mobile, and console games. Joel also produced 7 Miracles, the world’s first feature-length VR film, and winner of the award for VR Film of the Festival at Raindance Film Festival in 2018.
Zachary Chun

Zachary Chun


Over 15 years in finance, including investment banking and private equity, with firms such as Robertson Stephens in San Francisco and Citigroup in New York and London.
Oded Zur

Oded Zur

Head of Sixense R&D

Oded Zur brings over 25 years of experience leading technology and product development at several medical and multi-media startup companies. Oded served as VP of R&D and system development manager at two medical companies which developed image guided navigation systems, Activiews and superDimension. At superDimension he played a major role in the development of the company’s electro-magnetic navigation system for early detection of lung cancer (superDimension was acquired in 2012 by Covidien for $350 M). Prior to joining superDimension, he was one of the founders of Interactive Light, a startup company based in the USA that developed IR tracking and sensing products for multi-media applications. Oded holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
Danny Woodall

Danny Woodall

Creative Director

With more than a decade of game design experience, and having shipped several AAA titles, Danny is armed with passion, dedication and knowledge; ready to take on any challenge. As Creative Director he is a driving force behind Sixense, helping them attain their goal of pioneering the next generation of interaction using intuitive motion input for Virtual Reality. Danny holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Central Washington University.
Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro (Ali) Diaz


Ali has over 14 years experience in the video game industry as a software engineer shipping several AAA titles. Before that he graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Computer Science and spent a few years working with embedded systems. Ali has been interested in working with VR since childhood and he’s now “living the dream”. These days he is involved in managing and contributing to all the technical aspects of development at Sixense from the Sixense SDK to the Portal 2 MotionPack.

Board of Directors

Avi Arad



CEO of Arad Productions and former CEO of Marvel Studios, where he was responsible for Marvel’s great financial success in movies, DVDs, video games, toys and merchandising.

Tom Hannan



A business lawyer, trial lawyer, and investor, Tom has worked with Amir Rubin for more than 12 years in technology and video gaming.

Amir Rubin



Experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of developing products in the fields of simulation, video games, virtual reality and motion tracking. Amir built a team at Sixense with a shared passion for creating products that revolutionize the way we create and interact with digital content.

Bob Shaw



Former President and CEO of Net Optics, a network and security access company that was acquired by Ixia in 2013. A keynote speaker and executive coach for start-ups and high growth public companies.

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