Former head of HTC’s Vive Studios Joins Sixense Studios as President

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Joel Breton to lead Sixense Studios’ VR and AR content development and strategy for multiple vertical markets, including healthcare, training, retail, and entertainment

Los Gatos, Calif. — May 21, 2019 — Sixense Enterprises Inc., a leading developer of immersive computing solutions for enterprise markets, today announced that Joel Breton has joined the company as EVP of product development and president of Sixense Studios, the company’s software division. In his role, Breton will set the strategy for software development, oversee all applications and content creation, and ensure that the company can provide both VR and AR software solutions to their global client base.

Breton was formerly the vice president of virtual reality content and GM of HTC’s Vive Studios at HTC. He and his team partnered with worldwide content creators to develop showcase content across all categories of VR, including Ready Player One: Oasis Beta, Knockout League, MakeVR Pro, TrueScale, Amazon Odyssey, Jam StudioVR, 7 Miracles, Operation Apex, Lifeliqe Museum, Skyworld Kingdom Brawl, Arcade Saga, Virtual Sports, & RemindVR. He then led Vive Studios’ pioneering enterprise software initiative to develop and deploy immersive software solutions for global partnerships in the healthcare, entertainment, education, and design industries. Breton has produced more than twenty platinum-selling video games in his career and has launched games on thirty commercial platforms from the Sega Genesis to HTC Vive. After beginning his career in product development at Sega of America, his first role as a game producer was for GT interactive, where he became their specialist for 1st person gaming and produced Duke Nukem, Anno 1602, Unreal, and the first version of the Unreal game engine. Breton spent four years at MTV Networks, where he served as Director of Content and worked with developers around the world to launch online, mobile, and console games. Breton has just wrapped production and launched 7 Miracles, the world’s first feature-length VR film, and winner of the award for VR Film of the Festival at the Raindance Film Festival in 2018.  

“We are excited to have Joel join Sixense Studios,” said Amir Rubin, CEO of Sixense Enterprises. “Our software team has developed a deep understanding of the core principles of human interactions with immersive environments over the past decade. With Joel’s deep experience with content development, and with bringing both consumer and enterprise cross-platform applications to market, he will be invaluable to our growth.”

“Joining Sixense Studios is an amazing opportunity to create showcase VR and AR content that redefines how humans learn, play, and interact with the products they use every day,” said Breton, president of Sixense Studios. “Sixense has been a leader in immersive computing for the past decade and I am thrilled to work alongside Sixense’s talented team and their global partners as we continue advancing the industry ecosystem.

Sixense Studios has pioneered the development of immersive computing software and content since 2010 with the goal of providing the most natural and intuitive human interactions with virtual worlds. The studio has developed numerous applications that have been significant for advancing the industry ecosystem, each built on Sixense’s robust Full-Presence SDK, which is designed to facilitate content development for fully immersive VR/AR solutions.

Under the leadership of Breton, Sixense Studios will continue to innovate in applications and content development for the Sixense Full-Presence System and all other immersive computing platforms. Current development projects include applications for businesses in healthcare, training, and entertainment.

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