All the elements for your new reality

A complete VR/AR solution enabling organizations to

increase customer and employee engagement,

satisfaction, and retention, while reducing cost and risk.

A modular software solution

Simplify application development with our building-block approach that lets you layer your industry expertise on our leading VR/AR components for greater impact and speed to market.

Professional VR/AR motion tracking

The Sixense Full-Presence System combines 6DOF full-body motion-tracking with a flexible SDK, for the most effective VR/AR solution.

Full-body presence

Let your users move around and interact fluidly within the virtual world.

One-to-one tracking

Captures position and orientation data on all three axes for each tracked point in a small form factor suitable for integration or modular use.

AAA engine integration

Fully supports Unity and Unreal Engine 4 with code-free setup for rapid development.

No drift

Sixense tracking does not suffer from drift regardless of speed of movement.

Cross-platform C-API

Works with any head-mounted display, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Pico all-in-one, and HTC all-in-one.

Great for mobile

Low latency tracking technology integrates seamlessly with inside-out camera tracking to provide full-body presence in mobile VR/AR.

Social/multi-user capabilities

Easily create group VR/AR experiences among local or remote users.

No line-of-sight dependency

Provides flexibility of tracker position on the user to allow for full freedom of movement.

Develop with Sixense

With Sixense you get the full suite of developer tools built by industry experts. Our team has years of experience creating applications specifically for full-presence VR/AR.

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