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The Full-Presence System is a turnkey VR/AR solution that enables anyone to develop and commercialize products that improve lives.
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The complete solution for full presence

Technology Stack

We build full-presence VR/AR solutions for applications across all industries. Our software is hardware-agnostic.


Sixense technology enables absolute position and orientation (6DOF) tracking for uninterrupted full-presence VR/AR experiences on mobile or PC/console systems without requiring line-of-sight.

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Sixense Hardware


It’s easy to build full-presence virtual reality applications with Sixense. Our software tools make it possible to deliver natural-feeling interactive experiences tailored to your industry quickly and cost-effectively.

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Full-body presence

Integrate VR/AR in a way that delivers a more natural, whole-body experience that can be used in any environment.

Comprehensive solution

The Sixense Full-Presence System is a complete solution that includes the hardware and software to help you speed development and create more engaging user experiences.

Component flexibility

Already have an app in development? Want to use a different software solution? No problem, you can use Sixense hardware and software independently.

Develop with Sixense

With Sixense you get the full suite of developer tools built by industry experts. Our team has years of experience creating applications specifically for full-presence VR/AR.

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