Next-level VR/AR motion tracking

Sixense’s patented technology includes electromagnetic tracking with advances in latency developed specifically for delivering the most immersive VR/AR experience.

6DOF, no line-of-sight

Wireless six-degrees-of-freedom tracking with no line-of-sight requirement and low processor overhead provides the best overall full-presence solution.

Six Degrees of Freedom
Low Latency

Lowest latency

Low-latency technology enables thin-stream delivery of positioning data to minimize processor overhead and reduce required bandwidth, all while delivering richer positioning information.

Hardware Features

One-to-one tracking

Captures position and orientation data on all three axes for each tracked point in a small form factor suitable for integration or modular use.

No drift

Sixense tracking does not suffer from drift regardless of speed of movement.

No line-of-sight dependency

provides flexibility of tracker position on the user to allow for full freedom of movement.

Great for mobile

Low latency tracking technology integrates seamlessly with inside-out camera tracking to provide full-body presence in mobile VR/AR.

Sixense STEM Hero 3
The STEM Base

The STEM Base contains the coil that serves as the stationary reference for each STEM Controller or STEM Pack. Includes charging docks for two controllers and three STEM Packs, plus additional USB charging ports.

STEM Controllers

Each wireless STEM Controller features a trigger, a bumper, buttons and analog joystick to allow maximum flexibility for development of any genre of game or application. Each includes full position and orientation tracking capability, a rechargeable battery, and haptic feedback.

STEM Packs

STEM Packs are used purely for position and orientation tracking and can be attached to or embedded within other peripheral devices. Each STEM Pack features a rechargeable battery and haptic feedback.

Software Compatible

Sixense motion tracking is compatible with all major operating systems.

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