VR/AR software, simplified

The Sixense building-block approach lets you combine our VR/AR experience and functionality with your industry expertise to build more compelling solutions.

Supports the major VR/AR 3D engines

Sixense technology supports the major 3D engines including both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and is compatible with any full-presence hardware.

Unity Technologies
Unreal Engine

A modular software solution

Simplify application development with our building-block approach that lets you layer your industry expertise on our leading VR/AR components for greater impact and speed to market.

Software Features

Full-body presence

Let your users move around and interact fluidly within the virtual world.

AAA engine integration

Fully supports Unity and Unreal Engine 4 with code-free set up for rapid development.

Cross-platform C-API

Works with any head-mounted display, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Pico all-in-one, and HTC all-in-one.

Social/multi-user capabilities

Easily create group VR/AR experiences among local or remote users.

Sixense Applications

Sixense Studios has pioneered the development of immersive computing software and content since 2010 with the goal of providing the most natural and intuitive human interactions with virtual worlds. The studio has developed numerous applications that have been significant for advancing the industry ecosystem, each built on the Sixense Full-Presence SDK, which is designed to facilitate content development for any six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) input device.

Get the SDK

With Sixense, you get the full suite of developer tools built by industry experts. Our team has years of experience creating applications specifically for full-presence VR/AR.

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