Transforming eSports

Take entertainment to the next dimension with competitive multi-player games at home, the arcade, or the casino.

Built on years of VR/AR expertise.

The Sixense Full-Presence System enables powerful, immersive individual or team experiences that transform competitive tournaments in casinos, arcades and online.


Compete or collaborate

Local or online players can compete individually or join together to compete against other teams in full-presence, multiplayer tournaments.

Location-based VR/AR tournaments

We help you bring eSports to the arcade or casino and make it easy to run multiplayer tournaments at a single site or across multiple venues.

Support for third-party developers

The Sixense Tournament SDK provides tools for third-party developers to develop and release titles on the platform.

VR/AR expertise

With over a decade of VR/AR experience, we can complement your entertainment expertise to develop more impactful solutions, faster.

Introducing SiegeVR

Practice and win big at home or in casinos.

Practice at home

Fight your way up the leader boards

Compete in casinos for cash prizes

Take your skills to the casinos, compete, and bring home cash.

Choose Your Battleground

Shooting Gallery            Castle Defense

Climb the Leaderboards

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