Improving outcomes with virtual reality

Deliver more accurate, reliable, and repeatable results in a range of healthcare applications from professional training to patient care.

Healthcare providers can increase their impact with the Sixense Full-Presence System.

The ability to interact naturally with specially designed virtual worlds revolutionizes medical training, treatments, and therapies.


Full-Presence System

Our motion tracking and software provide the tools for rapid development of a wide range of VR/AR solutions for healthcare.

Advanced tracking

The Sixense motion tracking technology provides high accuracy and precision, low latency and eliminates the need for line-of-sight, delivering consistent results and a great user experience.

Data tracking

Full tracking of 3D data enables comprehensive feedback for improved results, both in real-time and over extended periods and multiple sessions.

VR/AR expertise

With over a decade of VR/AR experience, we complement your healthcare expertise to develop more impactful solutions, faster.

Flexible System

The Sixense System provides software, hardware, and data analytics capabilities, which can all be used independently for maximum flexibility.


At Sixense, we’re committed to helping you make a difference in patients’ lives.

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