Real-world without real risk

Create training applications that are more effective, less expensive, and lower risk with the Sixense Full-Presence Platform.

Provide realistic, full-body training with the

Sixense Full-Presence Platform.

Build responsive instincts by giving richer performance feedback in a reduced-risk environment.


Greater cost-effectiveness

Consistent VR/AR environments improve the experience and reduce training costs.

Full-Presence Platform

The Sixense platform enables full interaction between the trainee and the virtual world for a more realistic, more immersive, and ultimately more effective experience.

Accurate, reliable, repeatable

Our tracking technology eliminates the need for constant recalibration and provides accurate tracking performance for consistent results across time and user populations.

Quantifiable results

Collection of 3D tracking data enables comprehensive evaluation of user performance — track growth and target areas for improvement.

Complete platform

The Sixense platform enables more efficient development by providing complete software, hardware, and data analytics capabilities, which can all be used independently for maximum flexibility.

Reduced risk

For traditionally high-risk professions, the Sixense platform provides a fully immersive, realistic experience in a dramatically lower-risk environment.

Partner Spotlight

Experienced developer of interactive training tools for the skilled trades.

Introducing SimSpray by VRSim

An immersive virtual reality spray paint and coating training simulation. Using Sixense’s Full-Presence Platform, VRSim is able to get precise motion-tracking data needed to simulate, evaluate, and improve skills training activities.

-20% Operating Costs

-50% Material Costs

$1000 Saving After 5 Students

6x Faster Practice

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